Work History

Gary Torgerson started working in industry for Selectron Pacific in 1987 Before leaving to start Brush Plating Specialists in 1989.

He Developed a process to bond Nickel Tungsten to 2219 aluminum for the International Space Station,
Developed a Cadmium replacement process using Tin-Zinc for Nuclear Arsenal Maintenance at CTC in Johnstown, PA,

Plated test panels and consulted with Boeing engineers for replacement of Douglas DPS.9.39 spec,
Developed plating procedures for the use of Zinc Nickel as Cad replacement for Moog Aerospace,
Developed procedures for Boric-Sulfuric anodize including Type IA, II, and III,

Gary has written papers on anodize repair for Anodize Society and the use of Brush nickel plating for journal repairs for EASA.

He has Performed on-site work for many large projects in several different industries including; aerospace, electric power generation, printing, military, art, marine, oil and gas

He Currently has a small lab/shop for R&D and tooling development.